Club F.U.C.I 2017 Episode 05

Episode 05 of Club F.U.C.I.: Fun. Unique. Creative. Individual.

Club F.U.C.I. presents:

– On The Mic Training
Located in the heart of Gastown, On The Mic Training is the only voice-over specific school in Vancouver, Canada, to offer a multi-level curriculum in commercials, animation, video games and narration for ALL levels and ALL ages. They also offer accent, voice/speech and singing classes.

Michael Daingerfield
OTM Partner & Instructor
With over 20 years of experience, Michael’s voice has appeared in over 2000 projects. Michael just received a nomination for Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series at the 2016 Leo Awards and a nomination for Best Voice at the 2015 UBCP/ACTRA Awards. He’s currently narrating the 2nd season of Cabin Truckers and the 1st season of Floating Homes. And currently playing ‘Krux/Dr. Saunders’ on “Ninjago”, ‘Coach Dwayne’ on “Chuck’s Choice”. Look for Michael’s voice in the upcoming animated feature ‘Sausage Party’ and in the animated series ‘Nexo Knights’. You may recognize him as the voice of NBC, BC Honda, Central Bank, Nautilus, Spectrum Reach and Access Communications, and as characters in the animated series’ Ace Ventura, My Little Pony, George of the Jungle, Iron Man, Inuyasha, Kid vs Kat, Geronimo Stilton, Leap Frog, Barbie Movies and Nerds and Monsters.

Noel Johansen
OTM Partner & Instructor
Noel Johansen’s 18-year voice-over career started in New York, continued in Los Angeles, and is now thriving in Vancouver. He has done over a thousand commercials, and worked on many narration and animation series as well as promos and video games.

As a voice over talent, currently, Noel is the promo voice in the TBS’s “America’s Greatest Makers” in the States, “Jesus” in the 6 year running animation series “Superbook” and “General Garg” on Lego Nexo-Knights and is the voice of over 7 commercial campaigns in Canada and the United States . He has been the voice of Panasonic, Nokia, Futureshop, Shaw TV, BC Honda, Ford Alberta, and the Vancouver Aquarium. In terms of narration, he has narrated shows including Hollywood’s Greatest Stunts and Tube Tales.

Jack Cox
OTM Instructor
After dialogue polishing for Roger Corman’s New Horizons Productions in Los Angeles, Jack Cox came to Vancouver to pursue a career in animation. For the last five years he has been working as a voice director and dialogue polisher for ADR animation, as well as directing countless auditions. He has also done numerous dialogue polishes on straight to DVD features that he hopes will never see the light of day, otherwise he’ll have to change his name.

His voice directing and dialogue polishing credits include Mune: Guardian of the Moon, B-Daman Fireblast, Cardfight Vanguard, Little Prince and World Trigger.

– Shamrock Dance Competition 2017
A hip-hop dance competition for high school students in Vancouver, B.C., proudly presented by Saint Patrick Regional Secondary School.

A.R. Macniel
Frank Hurt Secondary
Holy Cross
Johnston Heights
St. Patricks Regional Secondary
Vancouver College

Interviews with
Derek(Shamrock Host)
Patrick Ramos(Shamrock Host)
Nina(Frank Hurt Secondary)

– Club FUCI ITS UR BDAY Celebrates Club FUCI’s Host’s 17th BDAY Gigi Whittaker

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