Club F.U.C.I. Season 2 Episode 11 Info

The latest episode of the hottest variety show, Club F.U.C.I., airs this Saturday, June 27, 2015, on NOVUS at 8:30am PT, and SHAW Channel 4 at 3:30pm PT. Club F.U.C.I. is reminiscence of Soul Train and American Bandstand with a hint of late night TV. The episode will be featured online at later on that day, at 4pm PT.

In this special edition of the show, Gigi and Club F.U.C.I. newcomer Janelle interview Janine and Alice of the Royal City Gogos! In this insightful segment, we learn about the Stephen Lewis Foundation and how Canadian grandmothers and grand-others are making a difference all across Africa. Additionally, Jaydene, Jeremy and the Riveras check out a Youth Day event celebrated at Science World. And lastly, Jaydene and Rigel show up to Isabelle’s Sweet 16 birthday party! Rigel and Isabelle are siblings, so you know that the party is going to be poppin’!

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Please note that the July 1st showing on Shaw will not occur because of Canada Day celebrations. Be sure to catch Club F.U.C.I. on SHAW Channel 4, on NOVUS TV, and right here on the website:

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  • SHAW: Saturdays @ 3:30pm
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